Looking for Great Health Care for Your Pet?
From your very first call to Veterinary Care of Ithaca, you’ll know we’re glad you chose us. Whether you’re a long time client, or just joining the practice, you’re welcome to book an Appointment for the Same Day You Call.
Welcome to Vet Care of Ithaca 14850 When you arrive, you and your pet will be greeted by our friendly staff and escorted right to an exam room. There's rarely a wait. We understand how stressful these visits can be for your pets and a private space away from other sounds, smells and patients allows you and your pet to feel more at ease.
To provide your pet with our best care, it’s important we know as much as we can. Your Doctor will take their time documenting your pet’s complete history, including specific observations you may have.
Your Doctor and their assistant will tell you what they’re doing every step of the way as we examine your pet from “Nose to Tail”.

Your Doctor will discuss your pet’s needs and explain different treatment options. We’ll let you
know the cost BEFORE we do anything.
Only after you and your pet’s Doctor have decided on a course of action, will we get started.

We’ll bring the medication and invoice right to the exam room. Your Doctor will answer any additional questions you have and go over your pet’s medication - including how to give them medication!
When you’re ready, we’ll go to the “Check – Out” area with you, and square things away so you can get on your way…

And it doesn’t end there!
Your Veterinary Care of Ithaca staff understands it can be difficult to remember everything during your visit. We want you to know we’re here to answer your questions after your visit as well,
Just give us a call,
we’ll be glad to help.