Staff of Veterinary Care of Ithaca

Jennifer Brown, Director of Administration

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Jennifer Brown has worked at Veterinary Care of Ithaca since February 2008. As Office Manager she is responsible for team management, scheduling, internal marketing, and ensuring overall client service satisfaction. She has a bachelor's degree from Wells College and is a native of Ithaca.

Jennifer has two cats, Dash and Smokey Grace and a dog, Boo. When she's not at work she can be found hiking the local gorges, going to parks with her dog and family, kayaking in Cayuga Lake and spending time with her son and husband.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Carrie Diamond, Veterinary Technician

Carrie Diamond is a licensed veterinary technician at Veterinary Care of Ithaca. She joined the team in October 2008. Carrie enjoys working with patients and learning from the veterinarians at Veterinary Care of Ithaca.

Carrie has an associates degree in applied science in Veterinary Technology from Alfred State College and is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York.

"The staff here is truly my second family," says Carrie. "Our clients are always coming in with a smile and it's great to see the same patients grow over the years. Also, I believe that we give our patients the best care possible."

At home, Carrie has two cats, General and Karat. She has a passion for comics and works with groups that make the comic, fantasy and science fiction fields more accessible to women. She is also an avid reader and regularly travels to Buffalo to see her family.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Katy Janower, Veterinary Technician

Katy Janower joined the team at Ithaca Veterinary Care in October 2016. As a veterinary technician, she is responsible for assisting the veterinarians during appointments and with treatment. Cheerful and always ready to help, Katy's favorite part of the job is getting to interact with all the different clients and their pets while providing outstanding veterinary care. Katy holds both a bachelor's degree in music and an associate degree in veterinary technology, and has recently passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam.

"I love the atmosphere of Veterinary Care of Ithaca," Katy says. "Everyone is pleasant and happy and it creates a really positive environment for the animals that come in."

At home, Katy has a 12-year-old Norwegian forest cat named Jack, a 4-year-old tortoise shell domestic shorthair named Luna, a 3-year-old tabby cat named Tonks, a 3-year-old Blue Quaker parrot named Jellybean and a 4-year-old Dwarf Lionhead rabbit named Polly. In her free time, Katy enjoys reading, watching TV, playing board games and hiking around the water falls in the Ithaca area.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Theresa Dougherty, Veterinary Technician

Theresa Dougherty finds the most enjoyable part of her job at Veterinary Care of Ithaca to be able to help see a client and pet through any and every experience. She finds tremendous joy when she sees happy and healthy patients and their incredible owers. Since joining our team in March of 2018, Theresa has proven herself to be helpful in patient and client care, assisting with surgeries, dentistry, radiography, and helping ensure all facets of our hospital run efficiently and effectively.

Two attributes that Theresa brings to Veterinary Care of Ithaca are her enthusiasm and wealth of experience and knowledge in animal care. Theresa has been licensed for over 25 years, with a concentration on emergency and critical care nuclear medicine in cats. She achieved her bachelor’s degree from SUNY Albany and was accredited by SUNY Delhi LVT Program. Prior to joining the VCI team, Theresa worked as a Nuclear Medicine and Emergency Technician.

In her spare time, Theresa likes to go camping, or stay in to find a good read. She also enjoys going to concerts, traveling with her amazing daughter, and hiking with her beloved dogs. She owns a Border Collie named Sasha, a Beagle Mix named Tristan, a Papillion Mix named Moo, and a Mutt named Sophie. She also owns 5 cats, named Jovi, Charlotte, Midgie, Rose, and Abraham.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Jamie Small, Veterinary Nurse

Jamie Small is a veterinary nurse at Veterinary Care of Ithaca. She joined the team in March 2006.

Jamie enjoys interacting with clients and pets. "Every day I learn something new," she says. "It's amazing to work with great coworkers who are fun and caring."

Jamie has two cats, June June and Kelso; an English bulldog, Crusher; two potbelly bigs, four goats and several chickens. In her spare time she is often taking her children to their sporting events and raising her farm animals.

Soshi Cook, Veterinary Nurse

Having joined our team here at Veterinary Care of Ithaca in June of 2018, Soshi has proven herself to be a great asset to our workforce and clientele. Some of her daily responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians during exams, educating clients about preventative care options and assisting in the laboratory. Soshi has been working in the animal field since 1999, and has prior experience working as an Adoption Counselor at Tompkins County SPCA, as a Veterinary Receptionist and as a Veterinary Assistant. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Clark University, and is currently enrolled in Penn Foster’s online school for an associates degree in veterinary technology.

“I love the camaraderie and teamwork at VCI. Everyone has the same goal to give our patients and clients the best experience possible while providing top notch care,” Soshi says. “I also feel that the management and leadership at VCI supports the staff and that we are all in it together.”

Away from the hospital Soshi enjoys hiking with her dog, Olivia, a Jack Russel Terrier, and their friends. She also loves to spend her free time gardening, exploring waterfalls in and around Ithaca, having dinner parties with her friends, and watching documentaries.

Hannah Chase, Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurse Hannah Chase has been a dedicated member of our team since February of 2018. She has been working in the animal related field for over 10 years and offers a wealth of experience and information to all our clients and their pets. Prior to joining us at Veterinary Care of Ithaca, Hannah worked as a Barn Manager for a local equestrian center. She also has prior work experience as a Veterinary Assistant and at the Tompkins County SPCA.

Hannah is responsible for assisting our veterinarians and team, along with providing patient care and client education. She loves her profession because she really enjoys being around animals, especially the wonderful pets that come to our hospital. Every day Hannah offers a positive attitude and upbeat personality that shows our clients how much we really care.

At home, Hannah has two dogs of her own, a mixed breed named Zeena, and a Pitbull mix named Bentley. Both are rescues. She has a saying, “those in need are my favorite breed!”. Rescuing animals is important to Hannah, and she is a huge advocate for rescue and shelter pets, especially pit bulls. She loves doing anything outdoors, including hiking with her dogs.

Christina Ryan, Lead Client Care Coordinator

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Lead Client Care Coordinator Christina Ryan prides herself on providing a warm environment for pets and their owners. "I truly care and do as much as I can to help our clients," says Christina. She has worked at Veterinary Care of Ithaca since September 2006.

"I love the people I work with," says Christina. "They are all amazing and make our hospital fun and compassionate at the same time."

At home, Christina has three cats: Mittens, Kicker and Bootsie. She spends her time away from Veterinary Care of Ithaca with her family including her two kids Christopher and Madison, and enjoys gardening, walking through Treman Park and cooking.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Laura Chouinard, Client Care Coordinator

Laura Chouinard joined the team at Veterinary Care of Ithaca in January of 2016. As one of our Client Care Coordinators, she most enjoys being able to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners throughout the community. Laura received her bachelor's degree from Buffalo State College. Buffalo, NY is her home base and she spends free time visiting there with her family and friends.

"My coworkers are all very friendly and treat each other like family," says Laura. "I also love that Veterinary Care of Ithaca is a fear-free practice and goes the extra mile to ensure both patients and clients are comfortable, safe and happy."

Laura has a mastiff mix named Sadie and a pitbull/shepherd mix named Merlin. Laura enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hiking with her husband Andy and their dogs Sadie, a Mastiff mix, and Merlin, a pit bull/German shepherd mix. She also enjoys kayaking, yoga and barre, shopping, dining out at local favorites and reading. Laura has a background in non-profits and volunteer work and takes pride in promoting animal welfare and rescue.

Samantha Guggenmos, Client Care Coordinator

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

As one of our amazing Client Care Coordinators, Samantha Guggenmos helps ensure all our clients and their pets feel welcomed and have a good experience when coming to Veterinary Care of Ithaca. The part of her job that Samantha enjoys most is getting to know our incredible clients and their beloved pets.

Samantha joined our team part-time in September of 2017, and since has become an integral part of our workforce. Prior to working with us, Samantha has over 10 years of experience in retail management. Helping take care of the needs of our clients and their pets is second nature to Samantha.

At home, Samantha owns a cat named Sushi, a domestic short hair, and a recently adopted hound mix named Annie, who is a rescue from Tompkins County SPCA. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Tompkins County SPCA as an offsite coordinator. Samantha loves to travel, cook, and do jigsaw puzzles.

Alex Crenshaw, Client Care Coordinator

Alex Crenshaw’s primary responsibility as a Client Care Coordinator here at Veterinary Care of Ithaca is to make our client’s day. Having worked in the hospitality and customer service business before getting involved in veterinary care, Alex knows how important it is to make our clients aware of how much we care. Alex is tasked with providing team support, administering quality patient care, and ensuring both our clients and patients have the best experiences possible with us.

“I love working with such a tight knit group of professionals. Both my coworkers and our clients make me smile each day,” Alex says. “Even in difficult situations, this passionate team pulls together and always manages to provide the best possible care with a smile on their face.”

Alex grew up on farms with large animals and knows the value of an efficient workplace. She is a self-employed farrier for horses and other large animals. Alex is also an experiences horse instructor and trainer who loves to ride.

At home Alex owns two horses of her own, Hawk and Selva, both mustangs. She also owns a Border Collie mix named Jasper. In her spare time, Alex likes going horseback riding, doing partner acrobatics, singing, dancing, hiking, and teaching dance lessons.

Jon Barnes, Client Care Coordinator

As a member of our terrific client care team here at Veterinary Care of Ithaca, John is responsible for helping our clients and patients feel welcome. He also helps by scheduling appointments, answering phones, providing client education and resources, and much more. The aspect of his job that Jon likes the most is being able to greet our clients and their pets with a warm welcome, both on the phone and especially in person. Jon is a handyman of sorts, and we are grateful to have his skillsets around the hospital. Jon possesses a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and has been working in the animal related field for over 17 years.

When asked about working at Veterinary Care of Ithaca, Jon says, “I really enjoy and appreciate working with such a positive, enthusiastic and compassionate team.”

In his time away from the hospital, Jon enjoys spending time with his husband, who loves to make delicious baked goods. Jon also likes to go hiking or exploring the many trails and gorges in the area with their dogs. At home, Jon and his husband own a Brindle Greyhound named Roger, a Red Poodle named Stella, and a cat named Snowball.

Veterinary Care of Ithaca, New York

Madeline, Mascot

Madeline is our resident team mascot. She enjoys napping on warm keyboards, coyly playing hard to get and sampling all lunches. Her talent of being a puur-fect feline provides much appreciated comfort to both our staff and clients. She is also a great advocate for adoption, as Madeline came to us from the Tompkins County SPCA.